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How to apply

To apply for housing in Lincoln and the North Kesteven area you will need to register for this website and then complete an online application form.

To complete the online application form you will need details for all applicants such as:

  • National insurance numbers
  • Current addresses and postcodes
  • Details of the income, benefits and savings of all applicants and members of your household
  • Details of any medical conditions or disabilities
  • Details of any children that you have living with you or staying on a regular basis
  • Details of any previous grants or adaptions you have had to your home
  • Details of any local connection you have to the area

Depending upon your personal circumstances you may need additional information or evidence to that listed above.

After registering your details will contact you for further information, evidence and to discuss your housing circumstances. We may also ask you to attend an appointment.

Once your application has been accepted we will write to you to tell you what band you have been placed in and which property types and sizes you are able to bid for. You can then can use this website to search and bid on properties in the City of Lincoln and North Kesteven area.

Bids on properties are prioritised based on your priority banding, you can read more about this on our page “How properties are allocated”.