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How properties are allocated

When you bid on a property we look at your application and the priority that is assigned to your circumstances.

There are 4 bands of priority with Band 1 being the highest priority and Band 4 being the lowest priority.

Certain groups of people are given preference by law, for example people who:

  • Are homeless
  • Are unintentionally homeless (or those threatened with homelessness)
  • Are living in unsanitary or overcrowded housing
  • Need to move due to medical or welfare grounds
  • Need to move in to a particular area to avoid hardship
  • Are leaving the Armed Forces and need housing

In addition to the above, a number of different factors impact on what banding you are, such as:

  • If you are disabled or have medical needs
  • If you are a carer, adopter or foster carer
  • If you have sheltered housing needs
  • If you have existing housing related debt
  • If you have previously benefited from a Right to Buy application
  • If your current property has benefited from a Disabled Facilities/Renovation grant or adaptation
  • If you have a “local connection”
  • If you have children that stay with you at least three nights a week

This list is not exhaustive and you should check City of Lincoln Council Allocations Policy for a full explanation of how we allocate housing.